Downloading The Intel® SPMD Program Compiler

The Intel® SPMD Program Compiler (ispc) is available in both source and binary form.

Binaries for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux are available from the ispc downloads page on github (should be depricated by GitHub soon). Alternatively, here are direct links to recent builds. (The binaries here aren't rebuilt each time updated source is checked in, but are rebuilt periodically or as needed for important bugfixes.)

Here are LLVM 3.8 based binaries:

Here is LLVM 3.5 based binary with experimental NVPTX support:

To install the compiler, install the platform-appropriate binary executable in your PATH. Then see the ispc user's guide and the examples in the examples/ directory of the distribution.

You can download previous versions here.

Alternatively, source can be downloaded. If you're using git, run:

% git clone ispc

You can also check out the source using svn:

% svn checkout

Finally, zip and tar files of the source can be downloaded:

There are pages in the ispc wiki with instructions about building from source on Windows and building from source on Linux or Mac OS X.