The Intel® Implicit SPMD Program Compiler (ispc) is currently being developed by Arina Neshlyaeva and Aleksei Nurmukhametov at Intel, along with Dmitry Babokin, an open-source contributor from outside Intel. It was started with by Matt Pharr, Ingo Wald, and Jean-Luc Duprat. It draws from a number of language features pioneered in Ingo Wald's IVL compiler as well as parsing code written by Geoff Berry and Tim Foley.

Thanks also to the additional contributors: Alex Reece, Aleksandr Bezzubikov, Aleksandr Pronin, Andreas Wendleder, Andrey Guskov, Anton Mitrokhin, Anton Schreiner, Ben Harper, Daniel Schubert, Deepak Rajendrakumaran, Dmitry Ryabtsev, Evghenii Gaburov, Gabe Weisz, Giordano Salvador, Ilia Filippov, Jan Zielinski, Jefferson Amstutz, John Poole, Lu Guanqun, Mark Lacey, Michael Liao, Nipunn Koorapati, Peng Tu, Pete Couperus, Pierre-Antoine Lacaze and Vsevolod Livinskij!

ispc is developed "in the open" on github; contributions and improvements are always welcome.