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MaskOpsCleanupPass Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 MaskOpsCleanupPass (llvm::Module *m)
const char * getPassName () const
bool runOnBasicBlock (llvm::BasicBlock &BB)

Private Member Functions

llvm::Value * lGetNotOperand (llvm::Value *v) const

Private Attributes

llvm::Function * notFunc
llvm::Function * andNotFuncs [2]

Static Private Attributes

static char ID = 0

Detailed Description

This pass does various peephole improvements to mask modification operations. In particular, it converts mask XORs with "all true" to calls to __not() and replaces operations like and(not(a), b) to __and_not1(a, b) (and similarly if the second operand has not applied to it...)

Definition at line 5317 of file cbackend.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MaskOpsCleanupPass::MaskOpsCleanupPass ( llvm::Module *  m)

Definition at line 5319 of file cbackend.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

const char* MaskOpsCleanupPass::getPassName ( ) const

Definition at line 5373 of file cbackend.cpp.

llvm::Value * MaskOpsCleanupPass::lGetNotOperand ( llvm::Value *  v) const

Checks to see if the given value is the NOT of some other value. If so, it returns the operand of the NOT; otherwise returns NULL.

Definition at line 5417 of file cbackend.cpp.

bool MaskOpsCleanupPass::runOnBasicBlock ( llvm::BasicBlock &  BB)

Definition at line 5434 of file cbackend.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

llvm::Function * MaskOpsCleanupPass::andNotFuncs[2]

Definition at line 5382 of file cbackend.cpp.

char MaskOpsCleanupPass::ID = 0

Definition at line 5384 of file cbackend.cpp.

llvm::Function* MaskOpsCleanupPass::notFunc

Definition at line 5382 of file cbackend.cpp.

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