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TypeCastExpr Class Reference

Expression representing a type cast of the given expression to a probably-different type. More...

#include <expr.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TypeCastExpr (const Type *t, Expr *e, SourcePos p)
llvm::Value * GetValue (FunctionEmitContext *ctx) const
llvm::Value * GetLValue (FunctionEmitContext *ctx) const
const TypeGetType () const
const TypeGetLValueType () const
void Print () const
ExprTypeCheck ()
ExprOptimize ()
int EstimateCost () const
SymbolGetBaseSymbol () const
llvm::Constant * GetConstant (const Type *type) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Expr
 Expr (SourcePos p, unsigned scid)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ASTNode
 ASTNode (SourcePos p, unsigned scid)
virtual ~ASTNode ()
unsigned getValueID () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool classof (TypeCastExpr const *)
static bool classof (ASTNode const *N)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Expr
static bool classof (Expr const *)
static bool classof (ASTNode const *N)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ASTNode
static bool classof (ASTNode const *)

Public Attributes

const Typetype
- Public Attributes inherited from ASTNode
SourcePos pos

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ASTNode
enum  ASTNodeTy {
  AddressOfExprID, AssignExprID, BinaryExprID, ConstExprID,
  DerefExprID, PtrDerefExprID, RefDerefExprID, ExprListID,
  FunctionCallExprID, FunctionSymbolExprID, IndexExprID, StructMemberExprID,
  VectorMemberExprID, NewExprID, NullPointerExprID, ReferenceExprID,
  SelectExprID, SizeOfExprID, SymbolExprID, SyncExprID,
  TypeCastExprID, UnaryExprID, MaxExprID, AssertStmtID,
  BreakStmtID, CaseStmtID, ContinueStmtID, DeclStmtID,
  DefaultStmtID, DeleteStmtID, DoStmtID, ExprStmtID,
  ForeachActiveStmtID, ForeachStmtID, ForeachUniqueStmtID, ForStmtID,
  GotoStmtID, IfStmtID, LabeledStmtID, PrintStmtID,
  ReturnStmtID, StmtListID, SwitchStmtID, UnmaskedStmtID

Detailed Description

Expression representing a type cast of the given expression to a probably-different type.

Definition at line 478 of file expr.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TypeCastExpr()

TypeCastExpr::TypeCastExpr ( const Type t,
Expr e,
SourcePos  p 

Definition at line 5873 of file expr.cpp.

References expr, and type.

Referenced by GetValue(), and TypeCheck().

Member Function Documentation

◆ classof() [1/2]

static bool TypeCastExpr::classof ( TypeCastExpr const *  )

Definition at line 482 of file expr.h.

◆ classof() [2/2]

static bool TypeCastExpr::classof ( ASTNode const *  N)

◆ EstimateCost()

int TypeCastExpr::EstimateCost ( ) const

Estimate the execution cost of the node (not including the cost of the children. The value returned should be based on the COST_* enumerant values defined in ispc.h.

Implements ASTNode.

Definition at line 6910 of file expr.cpp.

References COST_TYPECAST_SIMPLE, and expr.

◆ GetBaseSymbol()

Symbol * TypeCastExpr::GetBaseSymbol ( ) const

For expressions that have values based on a symbol (e.g. regular symbol references, array indexing, etc.), this returns a pointer to that symbol.

Reimplemented from Expr.

Definition at line 6925 of file expr.cpp.

References expr, and Expr::GetBaseSymbol().

◆ GetConstant()

llvm::Constant * TypeCastExpr::GetConstant ( const Type type) const

If this is a constant expression that can be converted to a constant of the given type, this method should return the corresponding llvm::Constant value. Otherwise it should return NULL.

Reimplemented from Expr.

Definition at line 6949 of file expr.cpp.

References expr, Type::GetAsUniformType(), Expr::GetConstant(), and lConvertPointerConstant().

◆ GetLValue()

llvm::Value * TypeCastExpr::GetLValue ( FunctionEmitContext ctx) const

For expressions that can provide an lvalue (e.g. array indexing), this function should emit IR that computes the expression's lvalue and returns the corresponding llvm::Value. Expressions that can't provide an lvalue should leave this unimplemented; the default implementation returns NULL.

Reimplemented from Expr.

Definition at line 6705 of file expr.cpp.

References GetLValueType(), and GetValue().

◆ GetLValueType()

const Type * TypeCastExpr::GetLValueType ( ) const

Returns the type of the value returned by GetLValueType(); this should be a pointer type of some sort (uniform or varying).

Reimplemented from Expr.

Definition at line 6732 of file expr.cpp.

References AssertPos, GetType(), Type::HasUnboundVariability(), and type.

Referenced by GetLValue().

◆ GetType()

const Type * TypeCastExpr::GetType ( ) const

Returns the Type of the expression.

Implements Expr.

Definition at line 6713 of file expr.cpp.

References AssertPos, expr, Expr::GetType(), Type::HasUnboundVariability(), Type::ResolveUnboundVariability(), type, Variability::Uniform, and Variability::Varying.

Referenced by GetLValueType(), GetValue(), Optimize(), and Print().

◆ GetValue()

llvm::Value * TypeCastExpr::GetValue ( FunctionEmitContext ctx) const

This is the main method for Expr implementations to implement. It should call methods in the FunctionEmitContext to emit LLVM IR instructions to the current basic block in order to generate an llvm::Value that represents the expression's value.

Implements Expr.

Definition at line 6430 of file expr.cpp.

References AssertPos, FunctionEmitContext::BitCastInst(), FunctionEmitContext::BroadcastValue(), FunctionEmitContext::CmpInst(), Globals::ctx, Type::EqualIgnoringConst(), Module::errorCount, expr, FunctionEmitContext::ExtractInst(), FATAL, g, Type::GetAsVaryingType(), StructType::GetAsVaryingType(), Type::GetBaseType(), ArrayType::GetBaseType(), ArrayType::GetElementCount(), VectorType::GetElementCount(), VectorType::GetElementType(), Type::GetReferenceTarget(), ReferenceType::GetReferenceTarget(), Expr::GetType(), GetType(), Expr::GetValue(), FunctionEmitContext::I1VecToBoolVec(), FunctionEmitContext::InsertInst(), FunctionEmitContext::IntToPtrInst(), Type::IsBoolType(), PointerType::IsSlice(), Type::IsUniformType(), Type::IsVaryingType(), PointerType::IsVoidPointer(), Type::IsVoidType(), lArrayToPointer(), LLVMInt32(), LLVMInt32Vector(), Type::LLVMType(), lTypeConvAtomic(), lUniformValueToVarying(), m, FunctionEmitContext::MakeSlicePointer(), Optimize(), ASTNode::pos, FunctionEmitContext::PtrToIntInst(), FunctionEmitContext::SetDebugPos(), FunctionEmitContext::SmearUniform(), TypeCastExpr(), TypeCheck(), AtomicType::UniformUInt32, AtomicType::VaryingUInt32, and Warning().

Referenced by GetLValue().

◆ Optimize()

Expr * TypeCastExpr::Optimize ( )

This method should perform early optimizations of the expression (constant folding, etc.) and return a pointer to the resulting expression. If an error is encountered during optimization, NULL should be returned.

Implements Expr.

Definition at line 6827 of file expr.cpp.

References AtomicType::basicType, expr, FATAL, GetType(), ConstExpr::GetValues(), ISPC_MAX_NVEC, Type::IsVaryingType(), AtomicType::TYPE_BOOL, AtomicType::TYPE_DOUBLE, AtomicType::TYPE_FLOAT, AtomicType::TYPE_INT16, AtomicType::TYPE_INT32, AtomicType::TYPE_INT64, AtomicType::TYPE_INT8, AtomicType::TYPE_UINT16, AtomicType::TYPE_UINT32, AtomicType::TYPE_UINT64, and AtomicType::TYPE_UINT8.

Referenced by GetValue().

◆ Print()

void TypeCastExpr::Print ( ) const

Prints the expression to standard output (used for debugging).

Implements Expr.

Definition at line 6918 of file expr.cpp.

References expr, GetType(), Expr::Print(), and SourcePos::Print().

◆ TypeCheck()

Expr * TypeCastExpr::TypeCheck ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ expr

Expr* TypeCastExpr::expr

◆ type

const Type* TypeCastExpr::type

Definition at line 496 of file expr.h.

Referenced by GetLValueType(), GetType(), lUniformValueToVarying(), TypeCastExpr(), and TypeCheck().

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