Intel SPMD Program Compiler  1.11.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CArrayTypeOne-dimensional array type
 CAssertStmtRepresentation of an assert statement in the program
 CAssignExprAssignment expression
 CASTNodeAbstract base class for nodes in the abstract syntax tree (AST)
 CAtomicTypeAtomicType represents basic types like floats, ints, etc
 CBinaryExprBinary expression
 CBreakStmtStatement implementation for a break statement in the program
 CCollectionTypeAbstract base class for types that represent collections of other types
 CConstExprExpression representing a compile-time constant value
 CContinueStmtStatement implementation for a continue statement in the program
 CDeclarationRepresentation of a full declaration of one or more variables, including the shared DeclSpecs as well as the per-variable Declarators
 CDeclaratorRepresentation of the declaration of a single variable
 CDeclSpecsRepresentation of the declaration specifiers in a declaration
 CDeclStmtStatement representing a single declaration (which in turn may declare a number of variables
 CDerefExprCommon base class that provides shared functionality for PtrDerefExpr and RefDerefExpr
 CDoStmtStatement implementation representing a 'do' statement in the program
 CEnumTypeType implementation for enumerated types
 CExprExpr is the abstract base class that defines the interface that all expression types must implement
 CExprListA list of expressions
 CExprStmtStatement representing a single expression
 CForeachStmtStatement implementation for parallel 'foreach' loops
 CForStmtStatement implementation for 'for' loops (as well as for 'while' loops)
 CFunctionCallExprExpression representing a function call
 CFunctionSymbolExprExpression representing a function symbol in the program (generally used for a function call)
 CFunctionTypeType representing a function (return type + argument types)
 CGlobalsThis structure collects together a number of global variables
 CIfStmtStatement representing a single if statement, possibly with an else clause
 CIndexExprExpression representing indexing into something with an integer offset
 CMemberExprExpression representing member selection ("")
 CNullPointerExprAn expression that represents a NULL pointer
 COptStructure that collects optimization options
 CPointerTypeType implementation for pointers to other types
 CPrintStmtRepresentation of a print() statement in the program
 CPtrDerefExprExpression that represents dereferencing a pointer to get its value
 CRefDerefExprExpression that represents dereferencing a reference to get its value
 CReferenceExprExpression that represents taking a reference of a (non-reference) variable
 CReferenceTypeType representing a reference to another (non-reference) type
 CReturnStmtStatement implementation for a 'return' statement in the program
 CSelectExprSelection expression, corresponding to "test ? a : b"
 CSequentialTypeAbstract base class for types that represent sequences
 CSourcePosRepresentation of a range of positions in a source file
 CStmtInterface class for statements in the ispc language
 CStmtListRepresentation of a list of statements in the program
 CStructTypeRepresentation of a structure holding a number of members
 CSymbolRepresentation of a program symbol
 CSymbolExprExpression representing a symbol reference in the program
 CSymbolTableSymbol table that holds all known symbols during parsing and compilation
 CSyncExprA sync statement in the program (waits for all launched tasks before proceeding)
 CTargetStructure that defines a compilation target
 CTypeInterface class that defines the type abstraction
 CTypeCastExprExpression representing a type cast of the given expression to a probably-different type
 CUnaryExprUnary expression
 CVectorTypeA (short) vector of atomic types